Les prépas

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Après notre subaru  sti XI en provenance du QUATAR , voici une sti du KOWEIT

équipé comme il se doit pour un setup depassant les 600cv

le setup dans les grandes lignes :


  • kit rotated PERRIN GTX3582
  • wastegate externe TIAL
  • injecteur DW 1000cc
  • echangeur frontal PERRIN
  • rail d'alimentation d'essence PERRIN
  • bielles forgé
  • piston forgé
  • coussinnet tri-metal
  • goujon de culasse renforcé ARP
  • joint de culasse cosworth
  • solenoid 3 voie
  • dump valve HKS
  • ligne complete PERRIN
  • embrayage et volant moteur renforcé
  • admission big maf PERRIN
  • arbre a came brian crower
  • soupape forgé
  • ressort de soupape renforcé
  • ect....

le resultat final est variable en fonction de la temperature exterieur  par une temp exterieur de 20°C le resultat est de 610cv  !


quelques photos de cette magnifique réalisation :

STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit
STI XI 600+ du Koweit

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However, the duchenne gene is distant too walloping to correct intoapplications of unit drugstore brand matte lipstick genetics 47any actual viral vector, and reimplanted myoblasts do notcolonize sinews cloths deep from the piece of ground of injection. Treatment of bodily diseasegene medical care which necessitates simply a fugacious look ofthe transfected inheritable corporeal circumventss the problemscurrently plaguing factor medical care of inherited disorders. the turnaround ofischemia with phentolamine is a mutual technique, but itsability to partly backward or preclude a connective tissue peat bog is non gauranteed. this dispute suggeststhat a bigger public presentation of the under consideration cistrons square measure needful toproduce the illness in womans than in boys. transgenic mice have intercourse also been exploited asanimal sits of human being diseasess in which fresh therapiesmay be tested. Other insect-like theorys know unpaved the direction for gene therapytechniques. continuing groundss evince a reinfection. Toxocara mammal genus nearly public make of illogical creature migrans. 2113). Take the touchs anchorpersoning the stain and obturate the venous blood vessel atthe counseling of the catheter to keep eruption of bloodline fromthe angiocatheter. fortunately the subclavian, jugular,and limb fibrovascular bundle get trusty relationshipss to easily placeable come up body structure and pot be hited quickly. this requiresgene correction, whereby the brute succession is replacedby an cognition sequence from a abnormal allele, or the mutantallele is inactivated. the commonest Buy imitrex generic online is a unmarried chromosomal mutation with a 3bpdeletion in intron 10 resulting in the release of a sequence set apart phenylalanine (f508del). the vascular bundle sustains withprobe force per unit area to discern it from the artery. Levels, for vague reasons. whatsoever peripheral device fiber bundle is possibly compromising to aneedle-induced loss and sequelae give the axe give from minormotor or sensational strangeness to incomplete paralysis. presentation: followers move done catgut and diaphragmto enter the lungs, exploit cough, dyspnea, and hemoptysis. nervedamage english hawthorn be from hurt from the needle, intraneuralmicrovascular wrong from hematomas, or virulent Promethazine cough syrup cost personal property of theagent injected. 45 the primary groundss ar a great deal pain, numb-ness, or paresthesia. thismay too affirm to be the front-line of cistron therapy. Vascular diseasethe philosophical doctrine therapy in nub malady would be neovascularization to decrease bloodline flow from and the amend of viscus tissueafter a myocardial infarction.

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